I think it is a good idea to write down my goals for this year and keep myself honest about them.  I didn’t think to make any goals for the year but the more I lift the more I realize I have to have a goal in mind.  For the end of 2015 I want the following true 1RM’s:

Squat – 4 plates – 405 lbs.
Bench – 3 plates – 315 lbs.
Press – 190 lbs.
Deadlift – 5 plates – 495 lbs.

Each of these lifts will be true 1RM max and not a rep max.  I feel pretty confident on all but I might waffle a bit on the press because I am not sure how that will progress because I do struggle at times.  If I feel really good I might aim for 505 on the deadlift just to break the 500 lb. mark.

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