It was an interesting week back in the gym after 2 weeks of vacation where I got no exercise, ate like crap, and sat on my butt most of the time.  I had 3 new rep PR’s and one that went the other direction.  I started cutting calories a bit this week to get myself back to a weight I can live with and my deadlift suffered from lack of fuel.  I am still very happy with my results and how easily I was able to bounce back after a break. I am pretty confident that next week will be back on track.

Monday 6/22/2015 – Squat

335×7 ~ 413 1RM

Today  I felt really good, strong and energetic, tried a bit more horizontal back angle and not quite so deep with more hip drive on the ascent.  Not sure if it worked I was too lazy to video.  I did have an learning experience that day when I stepped out of the rack and didn’t follow my routine.  I neglected to really brace and tighten up and didn’t break at the knees causing my upper body to fold over and my butt stay in the air.  I had to dump the bar but from my position the only real way was to fall forward and let the safety bars catch it.  Other than a loud bang and a bruised ego everything was fine, the guy next to me helped me re-rack the bar and I repped out my 7 for the day.  I still feel a bit odd when I stop at just past parallel and don’t have a good feel for just deep enough vs. too high or too deep.  I will video next week and see what I look like.

Tuesday 6/23/2015 – Bench

235×9 ~ 305 1RM

Today started as if I was lifting the world and I thought I was going to miss my rep max for certain.  After the 2nd working set I felt like I was going to struggle to get 3 reps and figured I would be happy with meeting my minimums.  I got under the bar and just counted out 3 reps, then 3 more, and another 3.  The last one went up much better than I expected with a little struggle towards lockout but better than most of my last reps.  I felt pretty cocky so I loaded 265 and got one rep and just couldn’t get the second one and had to dump it.  Surprising results since I had been struggling with getting my max reps on this over the last weeks.

Thursday 6/25/2015 – Press

150x ~ 185 1RM

I never know what to expect on my press but with my success on the bench I was pumped and ready.  Lifts felt a bit heavy but nothing too crazy.  I pushed the 150’s pretty easily for 6 and had an ugly 7th rep but it went up without pausing or giving it any leg assistance I just had a bit of an imbalance where my right arm gets to extension before the left (yes, I double checked the clips) and it looked funny but I will take it.

Friday 6/26/2015 – Deadlift

410×6 ~ 492 1RM

I felt pretty good for the first 2 sets with a bit of fatigue on the last rep.  Starting the last set 410 felt like 4010 and I struggled terribly with the last one and called it good.  I had a feeling in the back of my mind that I didn’t eat like I needed to and it showed.  Lesson learned for me.

Bring on next week.

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