Another successful week in the gym.  I really do like the Wendler 5/3/1 program because I can get in and out of the gym in a reasonable time and still make some outstanding gains.  I am still on track for my year end goals with a bunch of new rep PR’s this week.  Great start to July.  I did eat a lot better this week and it felt better in the gym.  Got plenty of sleep the night before and felt a bit more energy.  On Friday I had to go in late and I can see the difference in energy levels in the afternoon as opposed to mornings.  If I could go in the afternoons I think I would feel stronger but I like getting my workout in early so I can go home and enjoy the day after work.  I will be on the road next week so the deload week will have to wait until the week after.

All of that said, here were the results.

Monday 6/29/2015 – Squat

345×6 ~ 414 1RM

Strong workout and still experimenting with my back angle and depth.  The depth was better just below parallel but I did notice a slight rocking to my toes on my ascent.  I will need to push my butt back more and focus on the heels.  I might have to go back to a slightly more vertical angle and sit back.  I will probably play with angle more on my deload week in two weeks where I can spend more time adjusting as opposed to aiming for a new PR.

Tuesday 6/30/2015 – Bench

245×8 ~ 310 1RM

Felt much like last week with the first set feeling heavy but getting better for the last 2.  The 8 reps on the last set went strong with a bit of a struggle on the last one but certainly moving up the entire time and not stopping.  I continued something I started last week and am doing all warm ups and first 2 working sets flat with no back arch and waiting for the final set to arch the back.  The shorter range of motion helps and the body seems a bit more primed for the last set.  I will keep trying this and see where it goes.

Thursday 7/2/2015 – Press

160×5 ~ 187 1RM

Working sets felt great and I adjusted my grip by pushing the elbows way out when setting up resulting in a slightly narrower grip overall.  I felt a lot more power behind the lift.  the first 4 reps on the last set went well and I fought the last rep like the week before and maybe had a bit more imbalance but it went up and over to lockout.  Ugly again but still a good lift.

Friday 7/3/2015 – Deadlift

430×6 ~ 516 1RM

Afternoon lifts are always a bit different for me and this was no exception.  I felt a bit more energy but I also felt a bit disconnected; I am not sure how else to describe it.  I can’t believe how heavy everything felt today including the warm up sets.  The first working set felt decent and a quick 5 reps felt good.  The 385 felt like it was glued to the ground for some reason but I powered through.  I took a break and listened to a little Kix – Red Light, Green Light (T.N.T) to get a little pumped up mentally and grabbed the bar and lifted.  I have never wanted to quit on the first rep but this one was an exception, I nearly gave up on a second rep but instead I took a deep breath and lifted and it felt good and easier and I now had some motivation to continue.  Rep 5 was almost my last and I had to remind myself that the worst thing that could happen was not making the lift.  My legs burned, my breathing was heavy, and the brain was disconnected and I pulled the last rep.  I had to really grind out the lockout but felt a sense of accomplishment in doing it.   Last week’s lift was a wake up call for me but gave me motivation since it was “only” 6 reps today and “only” 10 more pounds (I thought I did 420 last week but noticed it was 410 when I got home) than the week before.

Excellent week, 4 rep PR’s and a couple of weights I never tried before.  I have a 1020 total in actual weights lifted and a potential 1240 based on reps.  I take the rep max with a huge grain of salt but it does give me some motivation and confidence that my goals are on track for the year.

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