Getting back on track after last week’s disaster.  I am feeling better, knee is a bit tender but nothing to keep me from a decent week.  I will just take it as it comes and not worry too much about new maxes.  This week is all about getting back into the groove and feeling it out.  I expect some setbacks but nothing that I can’ overcome in the next two weeks.

Monday 7/20/2015 – Squat

320×6 ~ 384 1RM

Better than expected, I just didn’t have it in me for any more reps.  The knee was just a bit sensitive at depth and no point in pushing it and hurting it.  I let the 6 reps be enough today and will hit it hard next week.

Tuesday 7/21/2015 – Bench

225×10 ~ 300 1RM

This felt better, not quite a PR but not so bad considering the last couple of weeks.  Trying to rep more than 8-10 on the heavy set is taxing, I feel strong and the last rep just stops dead.  I am not always sure which rep it will be but I push off the chest and a few inches up I am done.  The bar comes right back down.  Good lift all around and looking forward to next week.

Thursday 7/23/2015 – Press

150×5 ~ 175 1RM

This is about where I expected.  My press is my weakest lift and when I take time off it suffers.  Definite strength imbalance on the right side but still happy with the lifts.  Again, looking forward to next week.

Friday 7/24/2015 – Deadlift

395×5 ~ 461 1RM

This didn’t go well.  Not exactly sure what happened but nothing good came out of today.  I should have stayed home.  Need to reflect on this and figure out where I went wrong.  395 might as well been a ton.

Mixed results this week and being out of town again next week I am not sure where I will  be at when i get back.  I certainly won’t do any running next week, I learned that lesson.  I will have to think about the deadlift and figure out where I went wrong.

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