Looking forward to this week.  I know I will have to wait until Tuesday again; I know better than to squat the day after a heavy deadlift.  No visitors at the house so things should be less crazy.

Tuesday 7/11/2015 – Squat

355×6 ~ 426 1RM

Today felt great.  Lifts felt solid and efficient and I was pretty comfortable with  reps and might have had one more in the tank.  I focused on staying on my mid-foot and not rocking toward my toes.  I felt myself shift once or twice but quickly corrected the form.  New PR.

Wednesday 7/12/2015 – Bench

250×6 ~ 300 1RM

I need to do some more work on my bench.  I was 2 reps short of a PR and I wasn’t very close on getting a 7th rep.  I suffer pretty badly when I miss a week of benching and missing two weeks certainly took a toll on things.  I plan on adding 5 lbs to the right side of the bar on my warmups in the future to help build my right side imbalance.  Decent lift but needs some additional work.  I need to make time for my 5×10 and rows on bench days to get back to where I was.

Friday 7/14/2015 – Press

165×4 ~ 187 1RM

Not a new PR but I did equal my last PR so there is some vindication for last week’s weak lifts.  I felt pretty good and just missed the 5th rep.  I think doing those extra reps last week helped out and I should probably carry that over to my bench after my deload.  The press is the same as the bench when I miss a week and takes some time to get back to where I left off so I feel pretty good after today.

Saturday 7/15/2015 – Deadlift

440×5 ~ 513 1RM

My deadlift felt great and I really had to dig deep for that 5th rep.  I am in a tough spot for PR’s at this weight with 5 not quite as much as my last PR but 6 reps becomes a huge rep max that I am not quite ready for.  I do feel a bit of a resistance at lockout on the last rep.  I felt like I might have been able to get one more rep but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice form when I was only a couple pounds off my previous PR.  Overall I think I am capable of a new PR but just not the right load and rep combination to actually test it.

I am calling this a good cycle and am happy with my final results except for the bench.  Next cycle I will add some weight to the bench after my last set and overload the muscle a bit and see if it helps.  It has done well in the past and I will give it another shot.  Looking forward to my deload and back to my regular schedule.

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