Starting a new cycle and looking over my lifts I have some huge number of reps to do for any new rep maxes.  I have to keep in mind that I should follow the program and not beat myself up if I don’t hit the rep max and realize that my real goals are at the end of the year and any of the 5/3/1 weeks where I can focus on the heaviest weights.

Monday 8/24/2015 – Squat

325×8 ~ 412 1RM

Today felt pretty good and thought I had 10 reps in me for the last set but the legs just gave out after 8 and I racked it.  I was pretty shot after this so I just did some heavy leg curls to end the session.  The lifts felt good, rep 3 on the last set I moved forward on my toes so I had to focus again on heels and the rest went fine including the last rep, I just didn’t have any gas left.  Good workout.

Wednesday 8/26/2015 – Bench

230×11 ~ 314 1RM

On Monday night I felt a pain in my chest area like I bruised something.  The only thing I could think of is maybe my belt was riding too high at the bottom of a squat or something, maybe I caught it on the edge of the bench doing leg curls so I took Tuesday off.  Today was an unexpected surprise and everything felt really good, reps were fast and almost light feeling.  I got to the second set and it felt great so I had pretty high hopes until I remembered the 11 reps I needed for a PR.  The 3rd set I hit 11 reps with ease but just didn’t quite think I had enough for 12 so I racked it.  I don’t mind missing a rep but I hate unloading to get the bar back on the hooks and then loading again for my 5×10.  I did my 5×10 this week and left for work.  Great workout and I am pretty happy with the results.  New PR.

Thursday 8/27/2015 – Press

150×6 ~ 180 1RM

Not the best day but not completely unexpected since I benched yesterday and my arms and shoulders were a bit tired. I probably shouldn’t do back to back bench

and press but I am focusing less on the press and using it as an accessory for my bench.  I also decided to video my last set and found a big flaw in my form; I am not pulling my hips back and standing fully upright at the end.  I think I could get some extra power out of my lift if I slingshot my hips back.  I did another set and tried to focus on the hips and it looked better but still needs work.  I practiced some more on my 5×10 and I think I have a better handle on it.

Saturday 8/28/2015 – Deadlift

405×5 ~ 472 1RM

Today was awful and the weight felt like it was glued to the floor. I am not sure what is happening but based on the video I might be starting a bit too low again and the hips shooting up. I will have to correct my form again. I also didn’t eat all morning and started my lifts at around 11 after a 3 mile walk with the dogs. I probably should have eaten something and lifted later. You never stop learning and this was a learning opportunity.

A decent week especially the squat and bench with a disappointing deadlift. Next week will be better.

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