I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night and woke up tired on Monday so I put my lifts off until Tuesday.  Family is planning on visiting from out of town so it is going to be a bit busy but I plan on getting my lifts in.

Tuesday 8/4/2015 – Squat

340×6 ~ 408 1RM

Better workout than I expected and felt strong.  Legs were a bit weak feeling until the last set.  I attempted a 7th rep but couldn’t quite get back out of the hole and had to dump it.  My form felt good, back was strong and everything stayed tight.  It was worth taking the day off on Monday and waiting.  Good solid workout.

Thursday 8/6/2015 – Bench

240×8 ~ 304 1RM

I have family visiting this week and my schedule is all messed up.  With everything going on I didn’t get to the basement until Thursday and I even had a pretty good session.

Today was good, the reps went well and this is where the muscle imbalance really showed.  After the 8th rep I tried one more and my right arm gave out before the left, I got the left arm to lockout height and in fighting to get the right up I accidentally hooked the left on the j-hook so I couldn’t drop the bar to the safety arms and ended up dropping just the right side and the weights fell off.  Anyone who has lifted for any period of time knows that if the weights fall off one side the bar wants to flip over and in my case it wanted to flip over the other j-hook so I had to hold the right side down and squirm out from under and unhook the bar and practice my engineering skills to find the balance on the lever arm.  I was happy with the number of reps but could have done without the excitement.

Friday 8/7/2015 – Press

155×4 ~ 176 1RM

It is always a bad idea for me to press the day after benching but with all the chaos at the house I figured I had to take the time and get it done or I might not be able to do any lifting.  The first two working sets felt good but my shoulders and arms just didn’t have anything left and I only got 4 reps in.  Enough to call it a complete set but not where I wanted to be.  I was angry at myself so I rested for a few minutes, loaded the bar with 165 and pressed it twice in frustration.  I tried 170 but missed.  I feel like I will be ok next week.

Sunday 8/9/2015 – Deadlift

420×6 ~ 504 1RM

At least this week I felt like I had some control over the deadlift and was able to get  reps.  I might have had a 7th but I thought better of it and walked away.  Not quite a PR but I will take this one over week 1’s result anytime.

I have had better weeks and worse weeks and coming off a business trip and a crazy week at the house I call this one a success.

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